031: Fall Colors

031: Fall Colors

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On today’s episode, we’ll be talking about the many things you can do during fall time to enjoy its particular and beautiful colors.

Take advantage of the season to go out and take colorful pictures, jump on a hay ride, hop on a ski lift even when there’s no snow and of course, go camping keeping in mind some safety tips that can be very helpful during hunting season.

Episode Highlights:

  • Woobies, a fantastic piece of equipment to keep yourself warm when enjoying the outdoors.
  • Ever thought on getting on a ski lift without actually going to ski? What you can discover during fall time from above.
  • Events to attend to appreciate fall colors.
  • Hay activities and seasonal treats.
  • Forget about gloves and turn your attention to maintaining your torso warm.
  • Have you ever worn a “Buff”? Check out the perks of wearing one.
  • Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Northern N.Y., Minnesota and Wisconsin some of the best places for fall colors in the USA.
  • Using your phone’s camera slow-mo to get awesome fall pictures and videos and create amazing memories.
  • Fall season = Hunting Season. Informing yourself about the area you’ll be visiting is a good idea that can even put your life away from danger.
  • Dress appropriately and be loud to let hunters know you’re there.

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Quotes from the episode

“If you’ve never been on a hay ride, I really suggest get into a place that has one even this fall because they’re a lot of fun” Nate.

“One of my biggest recommendations when it comes to fall colors…is go ahead and take photos. Taking photos of everything that’s there and the changing colors…helps me appreciate it, especially when the winter hits and you got three feet of snow outside”. Christopher.

“It’s fun just to sit down and watch the leaves fall or to rake the leaves into a pile and have the kids jumping on them” Nate.

“I’m all about the hoodie. I love grabbing my favorite hoodie and I probably had the same one for a decade or more…” Christopher.