029: Keeping Your Head Right

029: Keeping Your Head Right

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Would you agree that our head is the most important part of our bodies? We believe it is and that’s why today we’re talking about “Keeping Your Head Right”, not only on the outside but also on the inside when going out on an adventure.

According to a 2008 study, “a person loses 7 to 10 percent of their body heat through their head.” This leads us to think that it’s both important to keep our head properly covered during cold hikes but at the same time, be aware of letting it breathe from time to time so it doesn’t over heat. Like anything in life, balance is key!

From a mental point of view, it’s also important to keep your head right and that’s why we’re sharing tips and suggestions on how to keep the good vibes alive when facing tough challenges in mother nature.

  • What do you like to wear to keep your head safe during your hiking adventures?
  • How do you keep your mind strong on extreme situations?

We’d love to read your comments on our Camp Hike Live Facebook Forum. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • The multiple uses of a “buff”
  • It’s not only about hats and helmets, it’s also about the sunscreen
  • Bug nets and what to never forget while wearing one
  • Bandanas: their many useful applications when going hiking
  • Today’s HT #DontWash your hair to stay bug-free
  • Keeping your vision clear to avoid smashing your head around
  • Shout out to the awesome Campers from Topeka, Kansas
  • Just like we mentioned on our previous episode “Peeling Back the Layers” your head also needs to “breathe”
  • Depending on the outdoor activity your planning on doing, don’t forget your helmet
  • Stocking cap, hoods, buffs, regular caps, what’s your favorite?
  • Tips on how to keep your head focus and positive when facing a great outdoor challenge

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Camp Hike Live Facebook Forum

Book – Where’s the Next Shelter by Garry Sizer


Quotes from the episode

“I don’t put shampoo on my hair because it adds a fragrance to your head that attracts bugs (…) you do smell a little bit worse quicker” Nate.

“I’m ready for those blue blockers (…) I’m old enough” Christopher.

“Music is a super tool to use in lifting your spirit and changing your head” Nate.

“Most of the people that stop, it isn’t from a physical injury is from a mental injury” Christopher on hiking challenges.