028: Peeling Back the Layers

028: Peeling Back the Layers

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Today we’re “Peeling Back the Layers” to give you cool and hot ideas on what you can wear to keep yourself properly protected against different weather conditions.

The idea of layering, when going out on an adventure, is extremely useful, especially when cold temperatures hit or rainy conditions are scheduled to happen during your trip.

Yes, some of us may think that in order to keep ourselves warm, all we need to do is “throw on a big and heavy piece of cloth and that’ll be enough to carry on”; Or “if it rains, then put on all of your waterproof stuff…”. However, we’ll question those common myths and share what we believe are some great tips and experiences that will surely make layering your new best ally when suiting up for your next adventure.

  • What’s your usual layer combination for cold days when hiking and camping?
  • What have you found effective to protect yourself from rain?

We’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts, questions, doubts and comments about layering on our Camp Hike Live Facebook forum. See you there!

Episode Highlights:

  • Base layer, middle/heating or isolation layer and the outer layer
  • Breaking down the terminology of layers
  • Importance of layering for temperature control
  • Synthetic materials and natural fabrics for layering purposes and various clothing items
  • Ventilating and keeping the moisture under control
  • Keeping yourself dry without the need of heavy layers
  • The “half hour test” that may help on your next outdoor adventure
  • Smartly warming up key body parts to avoid over layering

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Quotes from the episode

“The key, when you’re thinking about layers (…) is you want to be able to pull it off” Christopher

“The activity itself can help make that first decision on your layering” Nate

“The smart layer (…) the money layer (…) the business layer” Christopher on coming up with new catchy layering terminology

“Contrary to what people believe, isolation is all about keeping heat in and the weather out” Nate