027: All About Feet

027: All About Feet

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Today’s episode is “All about feet”. We’re talking about socks, hiking boots, hiking shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, talcum powders and even Crocs®. As usual, we are sharing a great amount of tips and suggestions, based on our hiking and camping experience, for you to avoid injuries and keep your feet safe and comfortable throughout your outdoor adventure.

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This is a pretty vast topic and we know there are thousands of options out there, so we’ve tried to cover all the main things to consider when getting new shoes for your next hiking trip.

Episode Highlights:

  • Benefits from wearing Crocs® on your camping and hiking adventure
  • Bringing your sandals is not a bad idea for when you’ve already settled down at your camping site
  • Light footwear vs hiking boots and all there is in between. Why so many people are gravitating towards lighter hiking shoes
  • Boots are a great choice for an entry level hiking experience
  • Importance of socks and all the different models and designs you can choose from
  • Socks: Natural fabrics vs Synthetic materials
  • Quick throwback to our episode “Blisters Suck” and some extra tips based on socks’ fabrics
  • Using powders to keep your feet dry, smell free and prevent blisters from forming
  • The “Mom Factor” and the size of your footwear
  • Always remember to pack your sunscreen lotion to avoid “ghost white feet”
  • “Zero Drop Shoes” pros and cons

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Quotes from the episode

” Moisture can be such a detrimental thing to your feet” Nate

” If I plan on hiking the trails or riding my bike (…) I tend to lean towards wool” Christopher

” One pound on your feet is equal to ten pounds on your back” Nate

” You’ve walked your whole life with a huge cushion, don’t just throw it out the window and think you’re going to be fine” Christopher

On leather boots ” I wouldn’t go out and hike on these all day for 10 miles until I took them out for a few 1 or 2 mile walks” Nate