026: Blisters Suck

026: Blisters Suck

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We couldn’t find a better title for this one because it is true, Blisters Suck…big time.

That’s why we wanted to put together this episode and share some experiences, tips and suggestions on how to try and prevent getting blisters on your hiking adventures.

There’s not one-single miraculous solution for them. Since each human being is unique our feet react differently to blisters’ formation, so in order to avoid them and keep them away we’re laying out a bunch of solutions for you to try and see which works better.

Episode Highlights:

  • Figuring out the best system for you to prevent from getting blisters
  • Choosing between talcum powder and a greasy product for your skin. It all depends on your situation
  • It’s not only about what you apply to your skin, but it’s also about what kind of socks you wear
  • What to keep in mind when buying your hiking shoes or boots to avoid getting blisters
  • Are waterproof shoes the best option against blisters?
  • Don’t forget to take some breaks while hiking. Could be the best idea to “calm down the blister factor”
  • Ancient blistering dilemma: “to pop or not to pop”
  • Keep your nails clipped and you may add another defense point against blisters

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Quotes from the episode

“Even if you’re not a person who whines, blisters make you whine” Christopher

“If you’re trying to keep your feet from getting blisters, try to keep your feet dry” Nate

“There’s nothing silly when you’re trying to save your feet” Christopher

“When it comes to blisters, moisture can really be the worst case scenario when your feet get wet” Nate