025: Choosing your Pack

025: Choosing your Pack

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Today we’re talking about what to take into consideration when choosing your pack. We know there are many different brands and models out there, all with a huge variety of prices, pockets, zippers and designs. It can get overwhelming but that’s why we’re bringing this episode to you Campers to try and shed some light on the matter.

Choosing the proper pack will not only assure you’ll have all the right space for your camping or hiking stuff but it will definitely make the difference between enjoying your trip or make it a painful one for your back, shoulders, legs, knees and feet.

Episode Highlights:

  • Proper pack size depending on the needs of your adventure and the gear you’re going to carry
  • Taking your gear to the outfitters to check what pack to get, is not as crazy as it sounds
  • Different brands and models
  • Pockets and zippers…it’s all about access and organization
  • Just like we recommended with a tent, practice packing your gear at home
  • Learn what “The Brain” is on a pack and how useful it can be
  • Properly distributing the weight around your body to avoid injuries
  • Weight rating for optimal performance
  • Compression straps
  • Price vs Durability
  • Packs with external frames. Some may giggle when they see one but they offer plenty of advantages
  • Portage Packs: check out all their benefits
  • “Ultra-light backpacking” may not be as easy as it sounds

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Quotes from the episode

“Before you go out to buy a pack (…) find the gear you’re going to use first (…) That’s going to determine the size” Nate

“In the military we have an external frame pack (…) keeps it sturdy, it’s durable, it’s able to take a beating” Christopher

“Whether is the right color, whether is the right brand (…) doesn’t matter. For me is actually how it actually fits and how it carries” Nate

“I tend to over-pack on the outside of my pack (…) it keeps the bears away” Christopher

“The pack is not the place to skimp on the money” Nate