024: Canoe Q&A

024: Canoe Q&A

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We have a particular episode for you guys. Nate will pick Christopher’s brain on canoeing and all there is to know about this amazing activity. If you’ve never done it before and you’re curious about trying it out some time soon, then you definitely need to check out all the amazing tips and suggestions we have for you today.

Canoeing can even be an invitation to get back in touch with old navigation systems.

Episode Highlights:

  • If you’ve never gone canoeing before, check out some tips that’ll help you get started
  • Kayak vs Canoe. Which can be of better use when going on your trip and what are their main differences
  • “Portage” if you don’t know what this means, Christopher tells you all about it
  • Hiking trips vs Camping trips vs Canoe trips
  • Canoe performance under rain
  • Wind factor and how it can affect your canoe trip
  • Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your canoe adventure
  • Smart ways to carry your canoe around
  • Canoe styles, sizes and prices
  • Cool gadgets for canoeing

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Info

Quotes from the episode

“If anyone is going to plan an outdoor trip(…)I recommend the Boundary Water Canoe Area” Christopher

“I see a canoe as a vessel that floats in water. It is impenetrable from water. What happens when it rains?” Nate

“Your canoe can handle probably three inches of rain before it actually starts causing issues” Christopher

“Getting into a place that you can go and rent them for the day and not actually having to purchase one, would be a good starting point” Nate

” When you’re in a canoe trip you tend to go back to old school maps” Christopher