023: Going Stoveless

023: Going Stoveless

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Today we’ll be talking about the experience that is going hiking and camping STOVELESS. Things you can actually gain from skipping to pack your stove and what are some things that you might be giving up.

Bringing a stove to your camping trip or to your hiking adventure usually means you’ll be able to enjoy warm food, hot beverages and even the cozy and fun experience of cooking with your friends and family. Certainly, there are times when it is almost mandatory to bring one with you however, on today’s conversation, we’ll lay out some cool and smart options that might persuade you to leave your stove at home and enjoy a STOVELESS trip.  

Episode Highlights:

  • Perks of not packing your stove and things you actually need to pack when going stoveless
  • It’s not just about the weight, it’s about saving precious time that can be invested in going longer distances
  • Are you a “speed hiker”? Then you’re going to love some of the tips we’ve got in this episode
  • Benefits of leaving your stove at home when you’re a camper
  • Minimize camp odors that can, for example, attract animals
  • Summer might be the best season to go stoveless
  • Nate gives a good reason why he still hasn’t gone stoveless
  • If you like to lick the bowl after cooking, then maybe you do need to bring your stove with you.
  • Top foods when there’s no stove around
  • Using body heat can be a great asset

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Quotes from the episode

“Going stoveless can be quite a bit faster” Nate

” There are some stoves out there that you can purchase that use the materials of the woods” Christopher

” If you’re doing a longer hike…it becomes logistically hard to find places, (…) that potentially have and sell the gas that fits your stove” Nate

“You don’t have that saliva producing food when you’re going stoveless” Christopher