021: Field Repair

021: Field Repair

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When you’re up on the mountain or out on the trail, the last thing you want is to find yourself with a rip in your pack or a hole in your tent. Leaking air-beds are truly no fun to sleep on!

Today’s episode is all aboutmcgyvering your gear in any situation.

Almost anything you bring with you on the trail can be repaired – at least until the end of your trip. We’re sharing all our tips on how you can set up a repair kit and be prepared to fix your gear when you’re out on your next adventure in nature.

Episode Highlights:

  • The best way to keep from having to fix anything is to buy high quality gear.
  • Whether to buy or make your own repair kit.
  • You don’t have to take every repair item with you. Modify your repair kit to suit your needs.
  • Guess what percentage of hikers will be carrying duct tape?
  • Carry a few sewing essentials for pack or cloth repair.
  • If the gear is top tier call the product manufacturer to find out about their replacement policy.
  • Take good care of your gear.
  • Unpack you gear completely upon your return from the outdoors to prepare for your next trip.
  • Check on any  field repairs you have made to see if you can make a more permanent fix once back at home.

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“The repair dollars go down when you buy high quality gear.” Christopher Hiller

“Through this podcast we can get so many people in the outdoors that we can open up opportunities for new businesses.” Nate Harrington