020: Choosing The Right Cooler

020: Choosing The Right Cooler

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Today we have a very cool episode for our listeners. Everyone knows the importance of keeping your food and beverages as cold as possible when out hiking and camping, but before you grab the first  – sometimes cheapest option, stop to consider the kind of trip you’re taking and what you will need.

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes, from an insulated portable to a heavy duty option with batteries and usb options, choosing the right cooler is different for every type of adventure.

We’re breaking down our tips and picks for a chilled out experience in the great outdoors.

Episode Highlights:

  • Function is key.
  • Plan your trip before making your choice. Know what you need before you shop.
  • Size. Think about how much you have to keep cold and choose the option that best fits your needs.
  • Be wary of preservation times for the ice when cooling meats and other perishables.
  • If you’re going on a multi-day adventure, we explain why to consider bringing two coolers.
  • Take into account the different materials: metal, styrofoam, fabric and plastic.
  • Water elimination is an essential feature for larger campground coolers.
  • Consider mobility and check the durability of the handles and wheels.
  • One-use items (i.e. styrofoam) tend to be not favorable. There are options now that are more eco-friendly.
  • Next tier camping coolers have air seal gaskets, usb, and cigarette lighter adaptors.
  • How to shop around for other features and more usability.

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“Your cooler has to work for what you’re doing.” Christopher Hiller

“The simpler the better, in my opinion.” Nate Harrington