019: Slackpacking

019: Slackpacking

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What the heck is slackpacking? Do you love hiking but feel daunted by trickier distances? Would you like to lessen your load or add a little comfort to your adventure? What started as a way to get in a day on the trail and then hop in a car to sleep at hostel or hotel at night – untethered by a big pack – slackpacking has grown into a widespread movement. For people that may not have the physical fitness to take on certain trails, having the option to slackpack is a new way to enjoy challenging hikes.

Nate, our expert on all things hiking, fills us in today on the phenomenon of slackpacking and the importance of being true to the hike that you’re on. There is more to slackpacking than you might think.

Episode Highlights:

  • How slackpacking allows hikers to strip down to the bare minimum.
  • You can cover much more trail without your pack.
  • Taking on higher and harder trails is the main advantage of slackpacking.
  • The difference between purists and slackpackers.
  • Leaving out some or all of “the big 4.”
  • Prep your back by adjusting other gear you won’t need to take along.
  • Any gear that has multiple function is perfect for this day pack option.
  • Food is your biggest weight saver on a slackpack hike.
  • Nate’s own slackpack tips.
  • Slackpacking allows the wonders of nature to be opened up to more people.
  • Plan your slackpack properly and trust the person helping you with your pack.

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“I can see slackpacking becoming very beneficial.” Christopher Hiller

“It really shines with the difficult sections.” Nate Harrington