017: Theft? Should I Worry?

017: Theft? Should I Worry?

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Today’s topic is about theft in the outdoors and whether you need to be worried about your personal items when out on your next adventure. What can you do to avoid the potential for losing valuables you may have with you? We’re going through the top things to do if you’re worried about theft while camping and hiking.

The takeaway, as many in the outdoor community already know, is that theft does not happen very often, but using common sense and taking stock of your surroundings can help avoid any chance of being a victim of theft.

Episode Highlights

  • Relax. Theft doesn’t happen often, especially if you take away easy targets.
  • Have your 10 essentials and your ID on your person at all times.
  • Mark your gear with a sharpie.
  • Use and overuse your gear, it will lose its appeal.
  • Stealth camp and keep a low profile. Avoid high traffic areas.
  • Count on your fellow campers and hikers if necessary
  • Protect yourself safely as you would in everyday life.
  • Be careful and be aware of your surroundings.

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