016: Fur Friends

016: Fur Friends

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We are talking today about the outdoors and our furry friends. How can you introduce your pets to outdoor life? We discuss what to do and what not to do.

If you are someone who loves being outdoors, being able to share those moments with your pet can provide even more satisfaction. Before you take your pet with you, you need to prepare and consider these outdoor pet tips.

Episode Highlights:

  • Check the rules of your campground. Verify whether they allow dogs, and familiarize yourself with the guidelines of the campsite.
  • Make sure your pet is healthy and ready for exposure to the outdoors.
  • Be very aware of ticks and tick treatment both before and after your adventure.
  • Know your pet and make sure you keep an eye on anything they can get into.
  • Have the appropriate pet gear and of course identification tags.
  • Keep in mind the elements and weather conditions when heading into the outdoors with pets.
  • If they are well-trained, pets will be less likely to act out among strangers.
  • Ways to be sure pets and wild animals don’t cross paths.
  • Consider others at your campground. Remember and follow the rules of “leave no trace” from episode 5.
  • Expose your pet slowly and keep it short. Dog’s aren’t built the same as humans.

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“If they are part of your family and they make you happy, they should make you happy in the outdoors too.” Christopher Hiller

“We make mistakes and we have got to expect that our pets are going to do the same thing.” Nate Harrington