015: Giving Back

015: Giving Back

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On today’s episode we are talking about giving back and ways that you can help preserve the trails and campgrounds to help save them for the next generation. We are sharing with our listeners all the ways we give back and how you can too!

Paying it forward is the best thing you can do for nature in such a variety of ways. If you do it, perhaps someone else will too, and if that keeps on happening, it will inevitably come back around to you when you need it. Let yourself be that ripple in the pond and  learn to help others to follow.

Episode Highlights:

  • Preserve nature for the people coming behind us.
  • Plan your clean up and exit from nature ahead of time so the task is seamless.
  • Educate yourself and teach others what they don’t perhaps know.
  • Learning how to “do” the outdoors is one of the first steps in giving back.
  • How to get involved in the “Trail Magic” movement.
  • How camping festivals and events are venues for giving back to numerous charities.
  • Ways to volunteer your time or money on the trails or at campgrounds.
  • How podcasts, youtube channels, and other social media help enhance the positive community that we’re giving to.
  • Why we want to give back and benefit those who have yet to experience the outdoors for themselves.

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“The more you do, the more you give, the more it comes back to you.” Nate Harrington

“Giving back is so fantastic, especially when you’re giving back to what you love.” Christopher Hiller