014: Rain Rain Go Away

014: Rain Rain Go Away

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We all love camping and hiking in perfect temperatures beneath a bright, sunny, sky but let’s face it, bad weather happens and eventually we all get rained on while in the outdoors. Here’s how not to suffer when it happens and hey, you might even learn to enjoy a rainy adventure!

If you only go out when the weather is fine, you’re only seeing part of the outdoor story. We’ve had the opportunity to deal with rain or the potential for rain on many occasions and we are sharing all of our tips for keeping dry until the rain goes away.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ways to avoid the rain when planning your trip.
  • Tips for making the experience fun.
  • When you pair rain with wind and cold you have to be prepared.
  • How to be safe and know where to be during a storm.
  • What to do and not do in a dangerous weather event.
  • Lightweight gear options for rain preparation.
  • How to keep your gear dry at all costs.
  • Keep the waterproof jacket, but ditch the pants.
  • A shammy towel is easy to pack and fantastic to have onhand.
  • The longer the adventure the more the need to prepare water resistant gear that can be layered.
  • Tips for setting up your shelter to deal with the rain.
  • Have the right rain attitude!

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“If you plan to have fun, rain should not have that negative effect.” Nate Harrington

“Dance with life, it’s awesome.” Christopher Hiller