013: Parenting

013: Parenting

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Parents who love the outdoors can pass their enthusiasm onto their children. These days, with all of the indoor digital toys they can access, children are spending less time outdoors than ever. Today’s episode is all about parenting and getting them excited about getting out on the trail or onto the campground.

Helping children enjoy the experience as much as they can with a sense of humor and silly fun will be the foundation for a lifelong love and appreciation of nature. With a simple set of tools and ideas, we will show you a new lens through which to approach adventure and enhance your children’s connection to the outdoors.

Episode Highlights:

  • How parents can start to strip away all of the technology and get children out.
  • Ways parents can model openness to new experiences and show children of all ages that it’s okay to let their guard down.
  • How to plan to be sure that your adventure has elements of fun for all the family.
  • Knowing your children and knowing what they do and don’t like can give you an advantage before setting out.
  • Remember, even older children can surprise you and really enjoy the experience.
  • We discuss different ways you can change perspective so that children can have fun even with things they think are frightening.
  • Giving the kids the opportunity to make the decisions about what you’re going to do will enhance their engagement.
  • Start small and build the adventure from there.
  • We cover some technology and gear ideas you can bring along to get your kids excited about the experience.
  • Don’t hesitate to bring along those comfort items that nip any negative moments in the bud.
  • Outdoor electronics can be a logical transition from indoor electronics.
  • Age should never be a factor in getting the kids out even in small ways.
  • Don’t forget safety and first aid on your adventure!

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