012: Music in the Outdoors

012: Music in the Outdoors

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Camping and hiking are great way to enjoy the outdoors alone or with family and friends and music can make the experience even better. Following up from last week’s power episode, music and entertainment can often involve the latest technology and we’re talking about all the ways music can be part of your next adventure.

We cover the when, the why and the how –  just about everything music when it comes to the outdoors. We’ll look at musical entertainment from both the camping and the hiking perspectives and see how each have benefits and drawbacks.

Episode Highlights:

  • Is music your focus or your background?
  • The sound of nature vs. the sound of music.
  • Hiking is physical and often music can drive that adrenalin, pace, and rhythm.
  • Campfire music is essential to a great time, adding a calming and celebratory aspect to your camp.
  • Nate shares his do’s and don’ts of music on the hiking trail.
  • Be courteous with your music in either setting. Find that musical happy medium.
  • We cover the gizmos and gadgets that are available for you to carry your tunes.
  • Remember that audio and music can have an affect on the wilderness and the people that are in it.
  • Taking a creative approach to music can be fun for the whole family!

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“Everything’s better with music.” Christopher Hiller

“The lack of music can be really good as well.” Nate Harrington