009: First Aid

009: First Aid

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Ouch! Today we are discussing first aid while camping and hiking. From mosquito repellents to gps tracking we’re covering all you need to keep you covered while out on your next hiking or camping trip.

Before each and every trip, plan the length and nature of your adventure. Go through all the items in your first-aid kit and ask yourself what you really need and if there is anything missing. Remember that when it comes to outdoor first-aid, planning and prevention are the best cure.

Episode Highlights:

  • Keep it simple, compact, and booboo friendly. You don’t need an EMT caliber kit.
  • Each kit will vary depending on the medical conditions members of your party, the length and duration of the trip, and the area you’ll be heading to.
  • Adventure brand medical kits are terrific.
  • Add a flashlight, pocket-knife, tweezers and whatever other little items you need.
  • Plan well for the things that most likely will happen.
  • Map your course so you have the ability to get off the hiking trail at any moment.
  • Make sure people know where you are and know your agenda.
  • GPS tracking is an excellent way to allow people to know where you are.
  • We share all our starter first aid kit essentials.
  • Foot care should be at top of the list for distance hikers.
  • Think of carrying emergency fire starter.
  • Consider taking a first aid course before heading out.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

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“Don’t carry help, plan a way to get help.” Nate Harrington

“Safety is the first aid to the un-injured.” Chris Hiller