008: Sleeping

008: Sleeping

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A long day of hiking or camping fun is coming to an end and your body is dying for some downtime. A good day’s fun is also a great setup for a good night’s sleep under the stars!

If you’ve been hiking, fishing, kayaking, or swimming, you are very likely to be ready for a good sleep by the end of the day. We’ll cover all our tips for the how and when of getting great rest on your next trip. Don’t let foggy brain keep you from enjoying a beautiful day in nature!

Episode Highlights:

  • Focus on comfort.
  • Get the proper gear for the climate.
  • Do the temperature rating and research for your sleeping bag.
  • Test out your bag and accessories, trying out various options.
  • Remember that sleep integration may take a few days.
  • We share the ideal times to sneak a nap into your day.
  • Find out if we should sleep on a full or empty stomach.
  • Learn a few tricks to help you navigate discomfort or bothersome bugs.
  • You can always keep adjusting by getting creative and learning to adapt..
  • Be aware never to leave small children sleeping alone in a closed tent.

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