006: Keeping Cool

006: Keeping Cool

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Today’s episode is all about keeping cool in the great outdoors. We are sharing all our tips and tricks for dealing with the heat when camping and hiking during the hot months. Knowing how to stay cool while camping is an essential skill that will increase your enjoyment significantly. We’re here to help you to continue having fun all summer long!

Don’t cancel your trip just because of the heat.The good news is that you don’t need to bring heavy equipment to stay cool during your next summer outdoor adventure. If you plan ahead you can cheat the heat!  

Episode Highlights:

  • Keep yourself hydrated, before and during your trip. Always have water accessible.
  • Wear wickable clothing to keep from sweating and dampening heavy clothes.
  • Wear a bandana around your head or neck and dip it in water whenever possible. Head and neck temperature regulation is key.
  • Set up your gear to allow for maximum air flow.
  • Camp or hike near a waterfront. Plan your trip accordingly by choosing trails or campsites near rivers, streams, or lakes.
  • Try to plan according to the weather. Too hot can be too much and potentially hazardous.
  • Hike early – take advantage of the cool hours in the early morning.
  • Relax in the afternoon in the shade.
  • Take advantage of electricity in places near or inside camp sites.
  • Be sure that your tent gets a lot of ventilation. You can also try an open-air hammock as we discussed in our previous episode.
  • Stay away from gimmicky products and stick to the basics: shade, water, air.
  • Find what works for you to get that cooling effect on your skin.

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