005: Leave No Trace

005: Leave No Trace

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In today’s episode we will be giving you tips on how to prepare your trip following the principles of leave no trace. If you bring it in, you should take it back out with you one way or another.

We’ll give you tips on planning and ways to take care of the environment you love and use when camping and hiking.

We’ll focus on trash, nature, wildlife, and all you need to alleviate your footprint while enjoying your favorite outdoor adventures. The idea is that you want to preserve nature to the way it was before you ever showed up. Once you start to practice the principles of leave no trace, you can form habits that will stick with you out on the trail. Being mindful and helping others be aware of their impact are great ways to keep nature intact!

Episode Highlights:

  • We assess the ripple effect of leaving a trace.
  • The traffic of so many humans using and abusing the same trails is creating terrible consequences for wildlife.
  • Raccoons and other animals on campgrounds abound. The receptacles create attraction for the animals. Protect them, yourself, and your food by storing your trash and food securely.
  • When you pack up and leave, leave it exactly as you found it.
  • Reset the grass after you rest your tent on it.
  • Cigarette butts are not biodegradable.
  • If you make it, make it go away. If you move it, put it back.
  • Where fires are permitted, use established rings or fire pits. Burn the wood to ash and scatter cool ashes.
  • Burning wrappers in a fire pit is not acceptable.
  • Look after fellow or previous campers. You can help remedy the errors that someone doesn’t necessarily know they are making.
  • Campsites and trails now offer log books that can decrease the inclination to commit graffiti.
  • Food can be prepared so that garbage is very limited. Repackage your food to minimize waste.
  • Biodegradable items left around are trash left around. Campers tend to think banana peels, apple cores, and orange rinds are fine, but they have impact on nature and it’s creatures.
  • When using the outdoors as your bathroom the rule of thumb is to go 100 – 200 yards off the trail. Some people build catholes – 6 to 8 inches deep, at least 200 feet from the camp and trails. Cover the cathole when finished.

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