004: Hammocks

004: Hammocks

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On today’s episode we’re talking all about hammocks. The trend of ditching the tent and setting up camp with a hammock has really taken hold in the great outdoors. Whether you’re out on the hiking trail or looking to spend a night above ground on your camping trip, we have all the highs and lows of hammock life. Picture yourself nestled between a few trees, maybe your travel companions are strung up next to you, and you get to wake up and enjoy breakfast while hanging in your self-contained sleeping gear.

We’re once again sharing with you our experiences with all things camping and hiking. “Hammocking” is different, it’s entertaining, and it’s easy. We’ll take you though the cost, the pros, the cons, and why you should get up off the ground and into a hammock on your next outdoor adventure.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why are so many campers are making the switch?
  • Leaving the tent at home and switching to a hammock isn’t about sacrificing comfort – it is actually more comfortable.
  • For hikers it is all about the weight and versatility of the hammock gear.
  • There is a big variety out there on the market. Prices range from $20 to $400.
  • In order to make the hammock as versatile as a tent you can add accessories.
  • An  underquilt, a rain fly, and a comfort pad can all be added to enhance the experience.
  • The underquilt is important to add when you need a warm, insulated layer.
  • Campers appreciate the dryness of a hammock…not to mention the lack of bugs.
  • Try it out first in good warm weather before buying up all the extra gear.
  • Target the sleep first, likey you will find that you sleep much better.
  • We share tips for set-up and positioning in the hammock for optimal comfort.
  • Check that campgrounds allow for hanging, and never insert anything into the trees.
  • Hammock camping is easy, fun, and a breeze to set-up and to take down.

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“Let’s be honest, it’s just fun.” Chris Hiller

“It is a big trend to get as much weight off of your back as possible”  Nate Harrington