002: Camping on a Budget

002: Camping on a Budget

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There is nothing worse than starting your next great adventure only to realize that you don’t have the funds to get where you’ve dreamed of going. On today’s episode of Camp Hike Live we are talking all about camping and hiking on a budget. We will give you our expert tips on the three important aspects that you need to focus on and work into your budget before you head out!

When it comes to camping and hiking, we have been there and we have plenty of useful information to share. Christopher, as the owner of a camping supply store can give you the inside scoop on just how much you really need to bring and some creative ways to get what you need, especially if you’re just getting started. Nate, as an experienced thru-hiker, will share some of his past adventures with you and explain just how little shelter a hiker may need on those rainy days!

Episode Highlights:

  • The number one consideration in planning your trip will be TRANSPORT.
  • Deciding where you are going and how you will get there is the first step.
  • Driving does not always make sense, particularly when planning a hike.
  • When camping, decide how you will get to your camp locale and figure out the fees to camp there.
  • Remember that planning with a group and pooling resources can save money.
  • The second thing to consider when planning your trip is FOOD.
  • All the food you plan for doesn’t have to get expensive. It should be portable and affordable.
  • There are creative ways that you can buy your food, eat well on the trip, and save money at the same time.
  • Ice gets expensive but needs to be put in your camping budget. You cannot do without it so plan for it.
  • Don’t forget the other necessities and accessories! Napkins, plates, sporks…
  • The third and most important aspect to planning your trip will be the GEAR.
  • When it comes to camping, you need to take the time to think, plan, and examine what it is you really need. You don’t need to buy everything!
  • Hikers travel lighter but having the right gear is essential to comfort and longevity.
  • Look around you for a good local outfitter. They can expertly inform you about your necessities and help you fit it all into your budget.
  • Pick the brains of the people that really know about the location and take their advice.

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“The more we budget, the more we can spend time in nature”

“Camping: It’s where you spend a fortune to live like a homeless person!”